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crystal sound

Crystal Sound is a system by which sound is generated from crystals. This process uses highly tuned electromagnetic waves to excite individual crystals so that they emit audible sound waves; each crystal has an individual note at which it resonates, that is vibrates and gives off sound energy.

Harry Oldfield says that “the larger the crystal, the lower the frequency and the smaller the crystal, the higher the frequency.” The sound effect is a practical form of crystal experience.

“The sound itself has had a beneficial effect on many who have heard it, depending on the attributes of the crystal being used. Even deaf people, or people with hearing difficulties, have received benefit, proving that the harmonic vibrations which have been set up are bringing about an effect in the body, and not simply the sound through the ears.”

There is a crystal sound CD – referred to by all involved as ‘Harry and the Crystals’ – enabled by rock group ‘Current 93’.

The sounds were taken from individual crystals and from some of the electrode tubes used in ElectroCrystal Therapy. The crystals were used in varying combinations and selected frequencies were pulsed into them from an ElectroCrystal Therapy generator.

We should emphasise that the crystals themselves were the sole source of all the sounds on this recording.

Harry expands: “The features of these crystal sounds are, first, that the method is non-invasive, second, that a variety of crystals with different properties can be used and, third, that groups of people can receive benefit at once.”

Harry even found that gloomy living and working environments changed for the better when crystal sounds were generated into them. He qualifies this when he says that ‘this last statement if, of course, a subjective one, but, when we are dealing with subtle energies such as these, some subjectivity might reasonably be included.

Only time and more research on people and places will give any positive answers as to the effectiveness of this variation of ElectroCrystal Therapy. There is good reason to be optimistic. After all it seems to be an extension to the well-known range of effects of music, which necessarily includes harmonic frequencies.’


sound Crystal Sound Sample
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