Research & Development

ElectroTransplant RESEARCH

Harry is working on additions to the range of methods which use pure energy to balance the human energy field and ElectroTransplant Therapy is one which looks likely to develop markedly in the future.

Harry says “ElectroTransplant Therapy is in it’s infancy. Research is needed to help it develop into a fully fledged system.

The rationale behind ElectroTransplant Therapy is basically the idea of digitally recording signals from the body for subsequent ‘playback’ to the same person or to others.

Think of the body like a choir. The body’s cells want to sing in tune, as do individual members of a choir, and this they normally do by transmitting the correct signals to adjacent cells. If a few of the choir members start singing the wrong notes, then adjacent singers can remind them of the correct tune.

In some cases the choirmaster, or brain, may need to intercede for harmony to prevail. However, if too many of the choir start singing out of tune for the situation to be contained by the other choir members or its master outside help may be required.

I think that ElectroTransplant Therapy can assist in this re-tuning process. We digitally record the melodious sound made by the healthy tissues, and then play this back to those that have gone off-key, to remind them of the correct notes needed for harmony to be re-established. Hopefully, once re-tuned, the choir can, with regular practise, maintain that balance and harmony.

Where possible we try to take signals from the persons themselves. If, for instance, someone has a problem with their left hand, we would take a signal from their right hand if that were transmitting a healthy signal. There may be a situation where it might be beneficial to take a signal from a healthy close relative to help a close family member.

Perhaps we could digitally record, on computer disk, the healthy vibrations of schoolchildren when they are at their peak of physical fitness and energy balance in anticipation of things going out of balance in the future, in adulthood and old age.”

Please note that Electro Transplant Therapy is not available as a commercial package at this moment and is still in development.