Research & Development

Oldfield filter

Handheld External 35mm Filter for Cameras


The Oldfield Filter splits light into different frequency components which are seen in multiple colours. This set-up, in experienced and sensitive hands, can yield extraordinary images showing energy field effects and entities otherwise invisible.

Harry Oldfield has termed the phrase ‘spiritual photonic interference’ and uses the filter to investigate such phenomena. This theory has also to imply breaking the ‘light barrier’, the scientific criterion that alleges that nothing can exceed the speed of light. Harry believes that in other universes the speed of light is different. Also, there is evidence emerging with the help of researchers such as Bruce L. Cathie (author of ‘Harmonic 33’, amongst many other books) that even on Earth the speed of light is not constant. We also approve of the research on photophoresis where light has been seen to travel in spirals.

The Oldfield Filter is for experimental purposes only.

filter image
In this picture we see the standing wave pattern of energy, we believe, of love between grandmother and child.
To use the filter
- just hold it in front of your camera lens

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