Research & Development

Harry Oldfield

Harry Oldfield, inventor, scientist, thinker and seeker after new and forgotten knowledge is an explorer of undiscovered realms. For Harry, 'not possible' generally translates as 'let's have a look’.


For more than three decades, Harry has been researching his theories about life and its meaning. This research has led him to many incredible discoveries, including that of a 'crystal-dwelling energy entity' - perhaps another form of life here with us on Earth.

One of Harry's main developments has been a photo-imaging system that reveals the human energy field (aura). This has become known as PIP which stands for Polycontrast Interference Photography.

In the autumn of 1995, he was conducting a scientific investigation into the energy configurations surrounding the well-known psychic surgeon, Stephen Turoff. While he was examining the healer's energy field, a face with a beard appeared on his computer screen and smiled at him. This was one of Stephen's spirit guides, a being from another world, another dimension, captured by scientific equipment. This has been repeated with young psychic surgeon Gary Mannion.

He has gone on to image what might be described as 'spirit presences' in morgues while conducting experiments under the direction of a professor of pathology. But this metaphysical or paranormal aspect of Harry's work is a by-product of his wide and varied research. One of his most important areas of investigation concerns the therapeutic use of natural energy.

For three decades Harry has pioneered gentle, non-invasive methods of analysis and rebalancing of imbalances in the body's energy field, inventing instruments which are now helping people all around the world.

Harry’s inventions offer pictures (PIP), measurements (ESM), and practical solutions and machines (ElectroCrystals) to promote energy field balancing - truly twenty-first century technology. Doctors, vets and other professionals are astounded by his approach to natural healing. But his methods work.

Who is this modern-day Merlin? He is a generous and big-hearted Londoner whose affable, approachable nature and irrepressible enthusiasm have endeared him to many an initial sceptic. He unreservedly declares that he 'works for God' and his maxim appears to be: 'Give all, help all'. His story is remarkable, his work is undoubtedly controversial and he is now going public with his amazing discoveries.

Like many an innovator before him Harry has often found himself on 'the fringe' of science. However, his recent work has become acceptable in orthodox scientific circles. This work utilises Harry's ideas about the selection of appropriate light waves to reveal hitherto-unseen images of the microscopic universe in its living, vibrant energy state.

A major feature of this imaging technique is that bacteria, cells and other micro-organisms can be studied in a living, moving state, without the need for staining - and thus killing - the specimen.


2006 Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation

Harry received "The 2006 Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation for his tenacity, brilliance and love which allows us to experience our multidimensional existence through his extraordinary images, from The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine." Presented by Christine Page, MD, ISSSEEM President.