Research & Development

New Energy Vision (NEV)

With the launch of the New Energy Vision Camera we are proud to offer you the research capabilities of the established New Energy Vision imaging system in the palm of your hand.

The New Energy Vision Camera utilizes the advanced optics of the Samsung Galaxy™ camera hardware to bring you an integrated Android-powered solution to conducting energy field research without being restricted to a desktop or laptop.

Although recording New Energy Vision video is not natively supported by the NEV Camera software, this can be achieved with additional third-party HDMI-input video recording hardware capable of recording from the Galaxy™ camera's HDMI video-output.

For the facility to capture and record New Energy Vision videos natively please consider the New Energy Vision software for Windows PC.


New Energy Vision is also available for the Windows PC platform.

Please Contact Us directly for pricing information, or with any queries you may have.

Please be aware: The New Energy Vision family of products have been created to supersede the original but now ageing Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) imaging system pioneered by Harry Oldfield in the 1980s.

Third parties continue to market their own software solutions using the terms Polycontrast Interference Photography and/or PIP. Some may also make claims of a working association with Harry Oldfield and/or with Oldfield Systems Ltd, however we wish our customers to be aware that these products are neither endorsed nor supported by Harry Oldfield or Oldfield Systems Ltd.

The only outlet for purchasing a genuine and up-to-date PIP-based system supported by the inventor of the system and pre-eminent trainer in its use, Harry Oldfield, is by purchasing New Energy Vision direct from Oldfield Systems Ltd.