Research & Development

New Energy Vision (NEV)
for Windows PC

New Energy Vision (NEV) reveals real-time subtle interference patterns not normally visible to the naked eye and follows Harry Oldfield’s ground-breaking invention polycontrast interference photography (PIP) system of the 1980s. The New Energy Vision PC system provides the researcher not only with ease-of-use but also multiple facilities to enable intuitive management of your media from within the program.

New Energy Vision for Windows PC is available in 2 versions: NEV Standard, and NEV Professional.

New Energy Vision (NEV Standard) Key Features

New Energy Vision Professional (NEV PRO)

New Energy Vision Professional includes all the above standard features, plus:

Recommended Hardware Specification

Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 compatible
Intel i3 / i5 / i7 processor
Dedicated Graphics Card 1GB+
SSD (Solid State) Hard drive

New Energy Vision is a very scalable application designed to run on all modern Windows PC configurations. The above recommended specifications should be seen as a guideline for the type of system needed to maintain max-framerate processing in a multi-tasking environment.

Camera Hardware Recommendations

New Energy Vision is a DirectShow compliant video processing system which allows the user to connect to any live-streaming video source that is registered with DirectShow eg:

Please Note: Most consumer video camcorders that record to an internal storage system for later playback are not capable of live-streaming to PC.

New Energy Vision is also available on the NEV Cameraplatform.

Please contact us directly for pricing information, or with any queries you may have.

Using New Energy Vision with a Microscope

Using specialized third party cameras it is possible to connect your New Energy Vision Windows PC system to a microscope or telescope.

Traditionally chemical dyes are used in order to reveal more micro-structure details in a specimen using brightfield and fluorescent microscopy methods etc., however most dyes (with the exception of some vital and fluorescent dyes) have a toxic effect on fresh or live specimens, plus some of the chemicals used for specimen preparation and the dyes themselves can be toxic to the operator over a period of time if mis-handled or accidents occur. In addition, certain individual combinations of dyes only show up specific histological or cytological features according to their chemical attraction or disassociation.

With NEV we are able to instigate differential contrast in an instant, without damaging the physical specimen. It is instead 'stained' by our software process in real-time. Utilising the built-in imaging modes of our software the colour contrast of the whole specimen and background can be changed with a press of a button.

This series of pictures demonstrates the ability of NEV to bring out details in a microscope image that one would not see under normal viewing circumstances.

New Energy Vision is also available on the NEV Camera platform.

Please Contact Us directly for pricing information, or with any queries you may have.

Please be aware: The New Energy Vision family of products have been created to supersede the original but now ageing Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) imaging system pioneered by Harry Oldfield in the 1980s.

Third parties continue to market their own software solutions using the terms Polycontrast Interference Photography and/or PIP. Some may also make claims of a working association with Harry Oldfield and/or with Oldfield Systems Ltd, however we wish our customers to be aware that these products are neither endorsed nor supported by Harry Oldfield or Oldfield Systems Ltd.

The only outlet for purchasing a genuine and up-to-date PIP-based system supported by the inventor of the system and pre-eminent trainer in its use, Harry Oldfield, is by purchasing New Energy Vision direct from Oldfield Systems Ltd.